Academic Advising- General Engineering Unit

About Academic Advising



Academic advising is one of the most important foundations of the university education system, and it is crucial for education quality.
Academic advising is a professional service that aims to identify the problems that hinder the student's ability to achieve educational attainment and satisfy the requirements of the university. The objective is to provide assistance and support by increasing students' awareness of their academic responsibilities and encourage them to exert more effort in solving academic and personal problems that prevent them from achieving their educational goals. Academic advising also seeks to direct the student’s abilities and inclinations to choose the specialization that suits him, and help them decide their careers.

The concept of academic advising:

Academic counseling is social and psychological guidance, careful follow-up of students’ problems, trying to provide advice to them, and working to help the student move gradually from the general education stage environment to the university education stage environment in which the student depends on himself in making his decisions, determining his specialization, and developing his scientific and behavioral skills.
These goals are achieved by providing students with various academic skills that raise their achievements and discuss their academic aspirations. It also includes educating students about the university’s regulations and laws, all through various counseling services such as individual academic advising, counseling programs and various consultations.
In addition, academic guidance helps students to focus on their goals and take appropriate decisions regarding their academic and professional future by making the most of all available possibilities and alternatives.
Academic advising constantly works to simplify and facilitate administrative procedures in order to provide the best and quality services to the student in record time in accordance with the comprehensive quality standards.


Academic Advising Objectives:

The objectives of academic guidance can be summarized in the following points:
- Providing the necessary support for students during their academic journey in order to achieve the flow of the study plan and the completion of its requirements within the specified time period.   
-Following up the reports of students' progress during their studies and their evaluation, and following up the performance of students who falter academically and improving their levels.
-Helping students to overcome the academic difficulties they encounter (difficulties of moving from one academic level to another), especially new students.

Duties of the Academic Guidance Committee in the General Subjects Unit:

1- Telephonic communication.
2- Follow up on online requests.
3- Receiving and deciding on student complaints.
4- Guiding students in the registration, deletion and addition phase.
5- Contribute to solving technical problems (email and Blackboard platform).
6- Contribute to solving the problems of subjects and study schedules and choosing the courses available for deletion and addition.
7- Directed and individual counseling to contribute to solving learning difficulties faced by students