The Department of Special Education at Jazan University was established as a result of the attention given by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to people with special needs of their various groups, whereby regulations and decisions were issued that guarantee the right of everyone to education and comprehensive growth, develop community, and enrich research related to the fields of special education…


College Vision

That the department’s programs achieve effectiveness in preparing exceptional graduates who are equipped with the knowledge and performance that contribute to achieving the National Vision 2030 within the fields of education and care for people with special needs, which qualifies them for academic accreditation at the local and global levels.


College tasks

-Preparing a generation of qualified educators by instilling sound concepts and forming positive attitudes related to teaching and learning, in addition to providing them with knowledge and training them in the skills necessary to assume the responsibilities of teaching and caring for people with special needs.
-Developing the joint relations between the department and institutions of education and care for people with special needs on the one hand, and the Department of Education in the region on the other hand, in order to cooperate in the implementation of training and enrichment courses and programs for teachers in the field to improve performance and raise the level of graduates.
-Contribute to community awareness and families of people with special needs and provide the necessary consultations to help them provide a healthy and stimulating environment for their families in order to achieve comprehensive growth, adaptation, and effective safe integration.
-Contribute to the scientific enrichment of the field of special education by conducting qualitative studies and research on the different groups of people with special needs.
-Adopting individual and community research and service projects to identify problems and identify mechanisms to provide an appropriate environment for people with special needs in the local community in light of national policy and modern scientific trends.