The Education Department was established in the academic year 1431-1432 AH, and since its inception, the department has been singled out in performing its role as one of the academic departments in the College of Education, to provide the necessary educational materials for undergraduate students in different disciplines, and also offers graduate programs in educational sciences, to contribute to building an empowered teacher And the competent educational official, and to undertake his role in scientific research and specialized studies that are needed by the governmental and private education sectors and other sectors of society in accordance with the targeted quality standards.

College Vision

To be a pioneering department that keeps pace with the global development and educational developments in accordance with the intellectual and value framework of the society

College tasks

The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Achieving quality in the study plans of the courses taught by the department at the college and university levels, and achieving efficiency in the department’s graduate programs.

2. Empowering students and learners of educational trends and modern educational innovations.

3. Developing the competence of individual and participatory research performance of the department’s faculty members, and developing the research skills of students and learners.

4. Development of effective partnership between the department and the various sectors of the university and the corresponding departments in local and foreign universities, and with relevant local community institutions.

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Monday 29 Shawwal 1443