The establishment of the Curricula and Teaching Methods at the College of Education, Jazan University was an urgent necessity in this region due to its connection with the needs and requirements of the individual and community, and the important services it provides to help students. They can then identify the capabilities, talents, energies, preparations, inclinations, and their development and direct them to help them understand themselves. We have a pioneering and distinguished faculty that is significant in creating awareness about the value of culture and its impact on young people and is essential in creating a balanced personality.

College Vision

Preparing the teacher and preparing him according to local and international quality standards so that he becomes an active individual in the process of teaching and learning, scientific research, and community service.

College tasks

1- Developing the student’s ability to understand the theories and approaches related to the curriculum and the criticisms presented to it, as well as getting acquainted with its foundations, methods of planning, evaluating and developing them.

2- Familiarizing the student with the foundations and rules of teaching, in addition to providing the opportunity for the critical study of teaching methods, methods of their application and practice.

3- Developing the student’s ability to practice teaching and training through the field education program in which teaching skills are refined.

4- Preparing educational research in the field of curricula and teaching methods, and teacher preparation and development.

5- Development of scientific programs for Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the field of curricula and teaching methods.

6- Participation in scientific activities such as seminars, conferences and lectures related to curriculum development, teaching methods, and teacher preparation, whether at the local or international level.

7- Participation in community service activities.