The establishment of the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Education, Jazan University was an urgent necessity in this region due to its connection with the needs and requirements of the individual and community, and the important services it provides to help students. They can then identify the capabilities, talents, energies, preparations, inclinations, and their development and direct them to help them understand themselves. We have a pioneering and distinguished faculty that is significant in creating awareness about the value of artistic culture and its impact on young people and tare essential in creating a balanced personality.

College Vision

For the Art Education Department to become a pioneering and distinguished department for the preparation of teachers of art education and occupy a prominent position locally, regionally, and internationally.

College tasks

1- Preparing specialized graduates in the field of art education for pre-university education stages in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation.

2- Preparing a generation of researchers in the field of Art Education.

3- Development of entrepreneurship, innovation, new professions and crafts related to the heritage and the local environment.

4- Cooperating with organizations and establishing partnerships with parties concerned with artistic and cultural education and exhibitions locally, regionally and internationally, to serve art education issues.

5- Providing advisory, scientific and technical services to government and private bodies in the community.