Head of Department Message

Message from the Department Chair


Welcome to the Department of Management Information Systems (MIS)!

The department offers bachelor program in MIS since 2009. MIS is the study of interaction between technology, people and processes. The program encompasses a wide span of topics including database management, web development, programming, e-business, system analysis & design, and business intelligence. It also introduces concepts like project management and information security to effectively and efficiently run and manage business operations.
In 21st century, to be competitive, businesses rely on a number of different aspects including MIS, which is considered as one of the most essential tool for the success of modern business. Our program has been benchmarked against top MIS programs worldwide, Information Systems Curriculum Model 2010, sponsored by ACM, and the requirements for a bachelor degree program as specified by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, NCAAA Saudi Arabia.  After completing the required courses and internship, our graduates will emerge as well-rounded MIS professionals with the required knowledge and skills to contribute effectively by applying the latest IS standards and Information Technology innovations in specified sectors of the Saudi Arabian economy.

Our diversified faculty are internationally recognized researchers and dedicated teachers who bring a great deal of skill, enthusiasm, and commitment to the classroom. The department provides excellent infrastructure and facilities for faculties and students to excel in teaching and to be dynamic to accept any research challenge.

I am confident that the students of the department would justify the credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in their respective field. If you are ready for a fast-paced, challenging, and energizing career with extraordinary opportunities, please explore our programs and come visit us.

I wish you all Best of Luck ….!!!