The remarkable development of specialized specialties in the medical field globally in general and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, resulted in the development of specializations in each branch of medicine and applied medical sciences; Accordingly, the Department of Respiratory Therapy was established in 2013, including a bachelor’s program in the same specialty, which is concerned with all matters related to the respiratory system, whether from diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The student enrolled in the bachelor’s program graduates after completing the requirements of the study for a period of 4 years, which includes a preparatory year in the medical track, followed by 3 specialized years in the program, in which the focus is on scientific, professional and clinical studies in specialization combined with clinical training in approved health facilities, in addition to the year of excellence. Thus, he shall be at an appropriate and qualified level of competence to practice the profession, and obtain classification from the relevant authorities. The role of the respiratory therapist is focused on tasks related to respiratory diseases from assessment and diagnosis to treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation under the direct or indirect supervision of doctors. It is a profession that requires its practitioner to take a leading role in providing better service to patients by examining and evaluating patients suffering from respiratory diseases, by conducting specialized diagnostic tests, which include lung function testing, sleep disorders, stress tests of the heart and lungs, measurement of blood gases and others from other examinations. 


Excellence and get a prestigious reputation regionally and internationally in the field of respiratory therapy education and research and preparing cadres to provide professional and community services and manage them with sufficient knowledge and skills


•    Graduating specialists in respiratory therapy with high professional competence and seeking to integrate 
         medical education supported by evidence based.
•    Developing of respiratory therapy career by developing curricula, encouraging scientific research, and 
       providing opportunities for conferences and scientific meetings in various aspects of the filed.
•    Cooperating with similar educational programs and distinguished research centers regionally and 
        internationally; In order to improve the level of education and exchange experiences.
•    Energetic community participation in all activities to spread health awareness related to maintaining the 
         health of the respiratory system.