Precautionary Measures for COVID19

Student Organizational procedures

(Responsibility of the Academic Coordinator, Heads of Departments and English Language Coordinator)

  1. Attending the examination halls early to ensure that they meet all precautionary measures.
  2. Direct entry to the examination halls and the prevention of any gatherings
  3. No student is allowed to leave before the exam time ends, and when all the students finish the exam, the student who sits at the front of the hall, then the next student, and so on in a sequential manner.
  4. Sanitizing hands before receiving papers and after handing them over to students
  5. The student submits his paper by himself at the exit gate
  6. Ensuring that students apply social distancing measures and all precautionary measures related to exams.
  7. Adequate space must be provided to allow the movement of students from the seats to the exits without the need to pass between other students
  8. Reducing roaming around the examination halls as much as possible
  9. The mask must be worn at all times and in a correct manner
  10. Prevent entry with gloves worn from outside the place
  11. Sharing personal tools with others (pens, erasers, calculator) is strictly prohibited.
  12. Constant reminder of the need to adhere to precautionary measures
  13. Observe the proper conduct of tests and monitor fraud cases

After completing the test

  1. Hands are sterilized with sterilizer or washed with soap and water according to the recommended procedures.
  2. Students are not allowed to gather outside the examination hall
  3. Exit the gates designated for this.

Regulatory Procedures for Test Papers

  1. Preventing the use of the co-signature paper for preparation, and the student’s paper as proof of attendance.
  2. Only one observer shall distribute the test papers to the students when entering the hall directly, and it is forbidden to distribute the test papers from one student to another.
  3. After completing the test, the test papers are collected in a box designated for this at the exit doors from the hall, and the student personally places them in the designated place.
  4. The box of test papers is moved to a place designated in the college to isolate the paper as a precaution, before the correction for a period of no less than two days.
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