More - About the College

Since the inauguration of Jazan Economic City by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in November 2006 there has been an increasing demand for professional technicians in a variety of fields to cover the needs of heavy industries and other secondary industries. In view of this, the establishment of colleges in neighboring areas will meet saudisation plans and in turn, produce highly qualified technicians who have the developed skills and competencies to bridge the gap between supply and demand regarding qualified technicians.

The Higher Education Council issued a decision in 14/11/1433H – No. 11/71/1433 to establish a conventional Baish Community College (BCC) which was approved by Royal Decree No. 7385 in 26/2/1434. Then the college has been reconstructed to be industrial college and three departments have been approved:

1- Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

2- Electrical Engineering Technology Department

3- Chemical Engineering Technology Department

by the University council on 3/12/1436 (16/9/2015). An approval from Higher Ministry of Education was conducted on 15/4/1439, Decree No. 21/14/1439.

During Academic Year 2017/2018 (Spring 20182), the college name had been changed from Baish Community College to College of Applied Industrial Applications (CAIT) on 12/5/1439 such that the name is aligned with Vision 2030 and compatible with its graduates.

The first intake of students was admitted in 2015 with the graduation of this cohort expected in 2018 with an Associate of Science in the field of specialization and having completed a study plan of 92 credit units. This is commensurate with the learning needs associated with modern technology and the requirements of the labor market. It also allows the graduates to interact and integrate in the information society and knowledge- based economy.

At the start of Academic Year 2020/2021 (Fall 20211), according to the decree of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 59480/4/42 and the decree of JU Council No. 8/5/1442, the “Associate of Science” degree had been modified and upgraded to be “Graduate Diploma” degree to comply with the Saudi Standard Classification of Educational Specializations. The decree was in action since the start of Academic Year 2020/2021 (Fall 20211).

The curriculum of study is designed to give the student adequate and equally balanced units in each discipline of engineering technology through a combination of compulsory and elective courses that are indispensable for students and which provide the engineering technology foundation for the graduates. It is of note that the curriculum of study takes into consideration the critical importance of English language and communication skills to the skill sets required in the workplace. Saudi Electric Services Polytechnic (SESP), as an international operator, provides teaching for labs and workshops.

CAIT programs offer a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge together with practical training (Co-op training for unsponsored students and On-the-Job training for sponsored students), with the goal of meeting the needs of our industrial partners.

College of Applied Industrial Applications (CAIT) is an entity within Jazan University (JU). While it has its own distinct vision, mission, and mission statement, these are reviewed concomitantly with the mission and vision of Jazan University to ensure relevance.

CAIT’s mission is to be able to supply well-qualified work-ready graduates, enabling companies to tap into a work force already located in the catchment area of the economic city. The technical programs offered are those identified to supply industrial manpower to the area and which will allow our graduates ready access to the workplace. The college aims to establish partnerships in the future with industrial concerns locating to the economic city. The importance of partnerships and collaboration with industry is stressed in the strategic goals as presently defined. The program’s goals and objectives reflect those strategic goals.