About the College

College Admission

The college accepts high school graduates (scientific)

The college also accepts transfers from other colleges, provided that obtaining a high school diploma (science) does not exceed 5 years, and that the transferred student’s age does not exceed 25 years at the start of study.

Admission Requirements:

  1. The student should have Saudi nationality. In case of the non-Saudi student, their mother should carry Saudi nationality.
  2. The students must be graduated from high school (Science Section).
  3. The students should not have been graduated for more than two years before admission.
  4. The student may not have been dismissed from the university or another university for disciplinary reasons.
  5. Admission is allowed in the case of high-school grade average not less than 60%.
  6. The students should pass any other requirements which may be set by the college.
  7. In coordination with the Admission and Registration Deanship, the college has the right to transfer any student to another college, in case if GPA less than 3.0 in his first preparatory year, according to the availability of the university tuition. A pledge is taken by the student regarding this action.
  8. Students are distributed to departments after the preparatory year, according to their desire, their GPA, and available seats.

Scientific Degree Awarded

The college awards the degree of Graduate Diploma (GD) in the field of specialization

Duration of Study

The duration of study in CAIT is three (3) years, all in the English language.

They are the preparatory, freshman, and sophomore years. Co-operative training is compulsory in the summer semester of the freshman year for eight (8) weeks.

During the preparatory year, students mainly study English language, in addition to some basic mathematics and science. The other two years, freshman and sophomore, are allocated mainly to the specialized courses, which depends upon the department requirements, as well as some courses of humanities.


Major Selection

Students select their Major and are distributed to their departments after the preparatory year, according to the available seats as follows:

  1. their major selection
  2. their GPA

System of Study

The study in the College is conducted on a semester basis, two-semester in every academic year (First Semester “Fall” and Second Semester “Spring”). The duration of each semester is 18 weeks including the examination period.

There are extensive English Language courses during the Preparatory Year, for which five “5” English courses are conducted quarterly (8 weeks each); these courses are 000ENG, 001ENG, 002ENG, 003ENG, and 004ENG.

Students MUST finish all English courses in Preparatory Year before they are allowed to choose their Major.

Summer Semester may be opened for the courses 002ENG and 004ENG, as well as some other courses if necessary for graduation.

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