Center Supervisor's Message


Message from the Supervisor
The  Substance Abuse and Toxicology Research Center (SATRC) at Jazan University with its departments and units are responsible for conducting basic medical research, clinical research, survey and preventive studies. The aim is to identify the dimensions and impact of toxins in general, the most damaging of which are the psychotropic substances on the health of the individual and society. The Center strives to conduct reliable research to identify toxins that threaten people's lives, especially those interfering with their daily lives, as well as identify the factors that put people at risk of increased exposure or if they intentionally abuse them, such as psychotropic substances and other toxins, and thus protect the people from them. We aspire to work together with our partners and support the university leaders to achieve the plan of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Jazan University (the road to Shanghai 2030) and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The aim is to become a distinguished research center and to be renowned locally to identify the toxins that threaten the lives of people in Jazan region, and help to prevent Its spread and mitigate the biological, medical and psychological effects resulting from its use and help in finding new solutions for prevention and treatment.

Supervisor of the Center for Psychotropic Substances and Poisons Research
Dr. Hassan Bin Ahmad Al-Hazmi