Unit Plans

Initiatives within the strategic plan of the university 20-25

- An initiative designed to discover and qualify leaders is being proposed, within the strategic objective of “Improving Human Capabilities JU04”
(we expect to provide within a year a database of interested and nominated competent professionals in different disciplines that can contribute to advancing the areas of grooming future leaders).

Strategic directions

Creating an incubator for future leaders in the fields of management, investment and leadership.
Planning the needs for future leaders with the university’s future strategic and operational directions

Suggested KPIs

- The number of incubators in innovative programs.
- The number of graduates from executive programs.
- The number of candidates for leadership positions (managers, supervisors, executives or assistants) in important professional positions within the university.
- Number of executive programs for the third non-profit sector.
- Number of consultations and specialized studies.
- Number of talents discovered through the process of nomination.


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