The Development Projects Unit is an administrative unit affiliated with the University Vice Presidency for Development and Entrepreneurship, that is responsible for the departments affiliated with it. It oversees support for planning, achieving strategic impact, advancing the implementation of initiatives that fall within the priorities of the University’s strategic plan 2025 and overcoming the obstacles associated with them, through the application of a set of knowledge, skills, tools and methods On the vice presidency's activities in order to achieve the requirements of success, leadership and optimal achievement of targets.

Center Vision

For Jazan University to become the gateway to the future of the region and the Kingdom, regionally and internationally distinctive with its distinguished education, qualified graduates, impactful research and services that make an economic, societal and global impact.


Center Tasks

• Ensure the quality of the institutional, strategic and executive performance of the vice presidency's departments, projects and outputs.
• Supporting plans and projects with specialized professional tools and more