Center Supervisor's Message

Given the importance of official documents and the importance of dealing with them and circulating them in government agencies, this department has a significant role to play. There is also an increase in the size of documents with the passage of time and the increase in the activity of government agencies without the presence of a specialized administrative unit to take care of them and follow up their status and undertake the organization, preservation and disposal of them, which leads to their accumulation, damage and loss of some with the passage of time and the difficulty of finding.  Due to their requirement, it was justified to find a system for managing documents and archives and to establish the National Center for Documents and Archives by Royal Decree No. 55/m on 10/23/1409 AH, which was entrusted with the tasks of setting regulations, plans and programs for the affairs of state documents Therefore, the gracious approval by Royal order was issued for the center’s general policy, and the issuance of executive regulations for documents and archives.
Proceeding from the importance of establishing the center in government agencies, Jazan University established the Documents and Archives Center by the decision of His Excellency the University President No. 30536 on 14/4/1438 AH.
University documents and archives are considered a document that serves the purpose for which it was created, so it must be managed and preserved, as it supports the process of providing documents, information and data and facilitating their access when needed. for financial or professional purpose
From this point of view, the organizational structure has been set in accordance with the organizational arrangements for the documents and archives centers in government agencies, and the center’s goals, tasks, responsibilities, types of services it provides to the university, and its work mechanisms and procedures.