| About the Center


Due to the importance of official documents and keeping them safely, their circulation in government agencies, and the increase in the volume of documents with the passage of time and the increase in the activity of government agencies without the presence of a specialized administrative unit to take care of them and follow up their status and undertake the organization, preservation and disposal. This leads to their accumulation, damage and loss of some of them with the passage of time and the difficulty of finding which ones are needed, and consequently those that are not beneficial, the urgent need in the government has justified the creation of a system for documents and archives and the establishment of the National Center for Documents and Archives by royal decree.


Center Vision

That the Center for Documents and Archives at Jazan University becomes a primary hub and a comprehensive reference for all University documents, archives and information.


Center Tasks

1. Collecting, organizing and storage of university documents.
2. Facilitate obtaining documents when you need them.
3. Work to prevent the production of documents that are not needed.
4. Work to achieve time utilization, effort, financial and administrative costs.
5. Raising the level of documentation awareness among the employees of the center in particular and the University in general.