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Jazan university’s Vice Presidentcy for Quality and Academic Development was established in 1431 AH by the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (10/62/1431), dated 12/29/1431 AH. It was established to be the authority responsible for following up quality affairs and academic development at Jazan University. Furthermore, it seeks to ensure that Jazan can reach the same academic and scientific standards to compete with local and international universities. The decision to appoint a Quality and Development Vice President was issued in Muharram 1433 AH.
On 10/19/1439 the President of the University issued Decision No. 104150, based on the letter of His Excellency the Minister of Education No. 1175 dated 10/19/1439, which includes the approval of the temporary committee in charge of carrying out the terms of reference of the Higher Education Council to change the name of the University Vice Presidency for Quality and Academic Development to Vice Presidency for Development and Entrepreneurship.

Vice Rectorates Vision

Jazan University will be a gateway to the future for Jazan Province and the Kingdom, recognized nationally and internationally with its distinguished education academic excellence, competent graduates, high-quality research and services that make an economic and social impact in the region and the world.

Vice Rectorates Tasks
  • Setting plans to develop the educational and administrative process at the University.
  •  Spreading the University's culture of quality and development.
  •  Laying down plans and strategies for developing teaching and learning.
  •  Work to develop the skills of faculty members through courses and programs.

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Deanship of AD


وقَّعت هيئة تقويم التعليم والتدريب، ممثلة بالمركز الوطني للتقويم والاعتماد الأكاديمي "اعتماد"، صباح يوم الاثنين 6 ديسمبر 2021م اتفاقية لاعتماد 16 برنامجًا أكاديميًا في جامعة جازان، بحضور معالي رئيس مجلس إدارة الهيئة د. خالد بن عبدالله السبتي، ومعالي رئيس الجامعة أ. د. مرعي بن حسين القحطاني، وذلك في قاعة الاجتماعات بالبرج الإداري في المدينة الجامعية في مدينة جازان.

04 Jumada Al-Ula 1443

Jazan University, represented by the University Vice Presidency for Development and Entrepreneurship, continues the “Future Leaders” enrichment program, which targets various academic and administrative groups. The Director of the Future Leaders Unit

22 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1442


Announcement of the University Agency for Development and Entrepreneurship

08 Safar 1443

Announcement of the University Agency for Development and Entrepreneurship

08 Safar 1443

Announcement of the University Agency for Development and Entrepreneurship

08 Safar 1443