About Management

It is one of the departments formed within the organizational structure of the University Vice Presidency and directly linked to the Vice President. It works on selecting properties with suitable sites for the University and then working towards issuing arguments for their consolidation in the name of Jazan University and working to protect them from infringements. It also oversees renting educational and administrative buildings and disbursing dues according to the procedures followed in the state regulation for rented buildings.


Department Vision

Achieving the university's ambitions for self-sufficiency with regard to leased properties and buildings and commitment through leadership in adopting institutional accreditation to provide high-quality services


Department Tasks
  • Development of university properties and rented buildings.  
  • Create a reference for the university's property.
  • Suggesting ways to preserve the university's property and rented buildings.
  • Follow up on the rented buildings and work to create an appropriate work environment in coordination with the owners of the rented buildings.



Students and Faculty Member Services