About the Administration


Administration Inception

The Public Health and Safety Administration was established in 1433 AH by the decision of His Excellency the President of the University, by separating it from University security in order to achieve and implement safety standards in the intended manner. The work of the Department is based on several aspects under the following points:

1- Check safety standards in all university facilities.
2- Supervising the operation and maintenance of safety tools and systems and following up their work as required.
3- Training and education at the university level and attracting expertise from outside the university in this field.
4- The administration represents the university in external events to participate in safety activities jointly with government agencies.



Leadership in the application of occupational safety and health standards.



Providing high-quality occupational safety and health services in a healthy and safe educational and practical environment to ensure the safety of lives, health and property.



1. Establishing and implementing an integrated system for security and safety at the university and outline a plan to develop it.

2. Preserving the lives and safety of individuals and property in all university units.

3. Prepare for and participate in emergency situations that may occur, God forbid, and permanent coordination with the concerned departments at the university and outside with regard to accidents and natural disasters, and developing a plan to deal with them.

4. Attracting, training, qualifying and raising the human competencies to carry out occupational safety and health work at the university and activating the role of the department inside and outside the university.

5. Evaluating and developing safety systems in buildings and facilities and keeping pace with modern technologies.

6. Spreading a culture of occupational safety and health among university employees.