| About the Administration 

The General Administration for Administrative and Financial Affairs (GAAFA) at Jazan University (JU) was established since the founding of JU in 1426 H (2005). GAAFA has since grown and developed alongside JU. Logistically, it is one of the administrations that are affiliated with the office of JU vice president of JU. However, the main function of GAAFA is to carry out procedures that are of administrative and financial nature for JU. It also focuses particularly on aspects of resource development at all levels, whether in human or technical cadres. These development efforts are achieved through the use of the latest methods.

Department Vision

The relentless pursuit of administrative excellence to improve the provision of administrative and financial services to all university employees, and in accordance with the highest formal and technical standards.

Department Tasks

To provide all administrative and financial services to the various administrative units at Jazan University.


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