About the Administration

The continuity of performance in all the facilities of the University with high efficiency depends on the efficiency of the operations and maintenance of all equipment, operations and basic systems in all sites with a commitment to continuous evaluation of the components of buildings and infrastructure on scientific bases based on planning, organization and follow-up, using modern technologies and programs that meet current and future needs, for the requirements of advanced operations, maintenance and hygiene.
The use of these modern technologies and programs and their inclusion within the scope of the administration’s work aims to sustain the university’s facilities by extending the life span of equipment, supplies and all assets and infrastructure, in addition to reducing risks and emergency malfunctions.
All of these procedures aim to achieve the satisfaction of the University's employees (students, male and female, faculty members and staff) and provide the ideal environment for the continuity of the educational process in an optimal manner.

Department Vision

Excellence in providing the best services in the field of operation, maintenance and hygiene depend on planning and scheduling, and these works are implemented quickly and accurately.


Department Tasks

Establishing departments that follow the General Administration of Operation, Maintenance and Cleaning 100%
Establishing a fingerprint system for all employees of companies affiliated with the General Administration of Operation, Maintenance and Cleaning 100%
Establishing an electronic program for maintenance requests 90%
Raising the efficiency of management staff 50%
Establishing a building that includes workshops and warehouses