Manager of Administration Message

Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of God’s creation. Administrative communications are considered one of the vital departments in the university, as they are entrusted with the administrative link between various parties, including transactions, decisions, official mail, and others. Since the establishment of the university, the administration has been seeking to use the latest technological means to improve the quality and development of work and increase the speed of information transfer. Now we have achieved what we had been aiming for, as the University uses an advanced electronic system that helped a lot in increasing the speed of the transfer of transactions between the various departments, deanships, units and departments of the university. Obtaining information and reference to it became easier and faster, and we always aspire to develop the administrative work in the administration by making it compatible with modern technological changes, so we may contribute to the service of the university and its employees. May God grant us success.