Administration Tasks

External Correspondence Section:

1- Transferring the documents, decisions and circulars to its parties inside or outside the university and accurately entering its data into the electronic system.
2- Receipt of the transaction (original) as directed, with an official receipt signed with the date and time and keeping a copy of it in the electronic transaction system.
3- Distributing copies of the transaction according to what is recorded in the copy of the letter issued to the relevant authorities.
4- The transactions issued and directed to parties outside the University are delivered to the post office.
5- The transaction is archived from the original edition in the electronic transaction program.


Incoming Mail Section:

1- Receipt of the official foreign transaction from the postal department or from the approved courier service companies.
2- The recipient is assured of the transaction, its integrity, and the completeness of its attachments, according to the number recorded in its enclosures.
3- The transaction data is entered directly into the electronic transaction program and is referred to the authorized person for direction, and then delivered directly to the authority to which it is referred.
4- The statement of receipt is formally signed.
5- A complete electronic copy of the transaction is saved through the electronic transaction program.


Post Office Duties :

1- Receiving the transactions from the External Correspondence unit and handing them over to the parties specified in the letter.
2- Receiving the transactions from the Incoming Mail Section and handing them over to their respective destinations after being referred by the authorized person to their respective destinations.
3- Receipt of transactions, official mail and publications from all University departments, and placing them in the internal boxes designated for each of them.
4- The postal representative reviews the Saudi Post on a daily basis and delivers and receives the university’s transactions, including letters, envelopes, publications, parcels, and others.