Dean's Message

The matter is no longer related to the completion of the work itself, but to the degree of its quality related to the extent of resource exploitation, optimization of operations, and raising the value of its graduates, although this matter is an urgent requirement in all organizations, but it holds even more importance in the higher education sector. Since its graduates shall be a part of organizations and programs internally and externally. The Deanship of Academic Development at Jazan University aims to exert maximum efforts in developing educational processes, in a way that contributes to improving the university's students, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness and competence of its graduates in the labor market. This is done through the application of local and international quality standards in all matters of teaching and learning. In order to achieve the highest results, Jazan University believes in the inevitability of long-term strategic planning and the necessity of detailing in short-term plans, which prompted the Deanship of Academic Development to give planning the priority in its activities, to ensure the consistency of all other processes. 

Jazan University Excellence Award

Deanship Vision

To be a beacon for continuous planning and development and supportive of academic accreditation processes

Deanship Tasks

1- Adopting international quality standards.
2- Spreading awareness and consolidating the culture of quality across the University.

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