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In any educational institution, the College of Dentistry has always been unique in its particularity that stems from the many facets it overlooks the surrounding world, and the many balconies on which its objectives and aspirations embark. It is the body responsible for ensuring the quality of the educational system, which in turn produces competent dentists with well-established personalities to be future leaders in the field of health care. It is also the gate from which the University extends its hand to the community, providing high-quality oral health care services. Further, it is a scientific edifice that conducts scientific research in all fields of dental science.

College Vision

To be a leading dental college by providing outstanding education, research and community health care.

College Mission

achieve high-quality in academics, research and community services by applying distinctive dental education, adopting evidence-based practice and incorporating advanced technologies to graduate competent professionals who serve as leaders in their community.

College Goals

1: Improvement of the college infrastructure to ensure sustainable development.
2: Decentralization of decision-making to enhance the responsiveness and speed.
3: Developing formal job description and informal performance expectations of all college officials and staff.
4:Build a shared college culture through transparency and communication within the college hierarchy.
5: Obtain the academic accreditation of the college program from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA).
6: Demand greater preparation and capabilities from incoming students and increase performance of existing students to attain a highly competitive graduate.
7: Apply the use of contemporary methods and technologies in teaching and learning to improve capabilities of students and faculty members.
8: Foster a culture of independent and critical thinking among students and faculty.
9: Develop a comprehensive system to replace and recruit faculty.
10: Expand the current academic tracks within the college in the main areas of interest to the region and the Kingdom.
11:Enhancing the culture of scientific research and evidence-based practice among the faculty and students.
12: Providing and maintaining high level standards community services and promoting the culture of oral health

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Within the activities of the Saudi world dental conference,

  Within the activities of the Saudi world dental conference, the Faculty of Dentistry, Jazan University represented by the Smile Club participated by 12 scientific posters. The college achieved the third position in the Kingdom in the scientific poster competition, which was presented by Dr. Hassan Khurami. The college is so proud with this achievement....
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Beginning of preparation for the launch of the second dental awarness convoy

  Beginning of preparation for the launch of the second dental awarness convoy The faculty of dentistry represented by the Smile Club started preparing for the launch of the largest awareness convoy of oral health awarness in the Kingdom, after the success of the first convoy targeting approximately 9000 beneficiaries in Jazan schools, which is...
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