Jazan University holds a meeting on the development of scientific research to meet the Kingdom’s Vision 2030
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The Deanship of Scientific Research at Jazan University held a meeting at the College Complex in Abu Arish as part of the Deanship’s plan to satisfy the requirements of the National Vision 2030, at Prince Mohammed bin Nasser Hall. The deans of faculties, employees and students were also present. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Ahmed AbdulHaq, the Dean of Scientific Research welcomed the attendees and stated the Deanship's vision to become a leading national University known for its innovative and path breaking scientific research and reviewed the objectives of the Deanship, and its efforts to dedicate its funding to research groups this year. Dr. AbdulHaq presented an explanation of the rules of funding research and budgets, stressing their readiness in the Deanship to review any research plan before submitting them to apply for project funding. The forum concluded with dialogue, inquiries and answers to direct queries and through papers distributed to attendees.

News Date :11/8/2017  Last Update:11/9/2017 4:18 PM