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Vice Presidency Tasks
      1.       Preparation of the university strategic plan for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.

2.        Supervision and follow-up of the plan of graduate studies of the university.

3.       Introduce the concerned people to the opportunities for financial support of the university.

4.        Access to the opportunities of financial support for university research projects.

5.       Oversee the performance of the university research centers: Research Center for Environmental Studies, Medical Research Center as well as supporting the applied sciences scientific research.

6.       Effective planning and to establish advisory and research chairs at the university.

7.        Follow-up rating the university internationally through well-known rating agencies, such as the Pluralistic Higher Education Institution and the Shanghai Institute.

8.        Oversee of the Journal of Jazan University and ongoing efforts to develop and raise its academic level.

9.       Follow up the process of scholarships for university students and follow up the educational process, and help them to overcome the problems they face in foreign universities.

10.   Supervision over the specialized academic committee regarding the recruitment of faculty members, their promotions, and the academic publications.

11.   Help the colleges, departments and research centers in the identification of new scientific programs and make use of them.

12.   Discuss and study the improvement of education and scientific research methods, and the financial sources.

13.   Disseminate the culture of intellectual and material interest in the community which is consisting of university employees of faculties, departments, students, and staff.

14.   Active participation of the university in the international scientific activities and formation of  training of academic groups through: Expanding the communication of Jazan University to the international  programs to achieve international distinguished position among Universities by concluding scientific agreements, holding joint programs and hold joint degree programs between Jazan University and other universities, and joint scientific research projects and the exchange of students and professors with foreign prestigious universities, as well as the participation by the employees of faculties ,departments and students in international scientific conferences, and to promote sabbatical opportunities for university faculty members which ultimately leads to the development of scientific research and academic staff.

15.   Enhance the relationship between the university and government agencies and the formation of committees of scientific and technological cooperation between the university and government agencies in the fields of agriculture, environment and natural resources and basic and medical sciences, technology and engineering.

16.    Collection of quantitative and qualitative information that gives an indication for the development of the university in scientific research and education, and community service.

17.   Arranging for official visits to international universities or vice versa for the academic staff in order to expand foreign relations.

18.   Provide financial assistance to the faculty members of the departments and the university students to attend international conferences each year.

19.   Exchange ideas and experiences with foreign universities in order to encourage various university programs and the production of cognitive information.

20.   Support the research and advanced education, which is used in international programs in the world’s universities.

21.   Evaluate the effectiveness of the University regarding scientific research and find and enhance scientific research relationship with Saudi and foreign universities.

22.   Administrative and financial support to support the sabbatical to the faculty members of the university departments.

23.   Create incentives to researchers at the University and find out the appropriate mechanism to support scientific research and evaluation of faculty members.

24.   Support the university information network.

25.   Assess the ways of implementing the outcomes of research at the university.

26.   Attract university academics with high efficiency who have international scientific reputation.