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Administration Tasks

Safety and security management functions of University:

* Manage all safety and security operations of the university and work to prevent accidents and any untoward mishaps that might bring harm to any person or property.

* Direct preliminary investigation into the problems and accidents that occur at the university that have been reported by the officials at the University or were discovered by Safety and Security personnel.                                     

* Regulate and control the entrances and exits of the University and other units and checking the identities of the persons if necessary.

* Monitor access to University facilities and issue permits, whether for individuals or vehicles.

* Supervision of the traffic and the organization of car parking and identify traffic violations, taking into account
the relevant regulations.

* Monitor staff workers and visits of persons from companies and institutions to the University within its terms of reference.

* Prepare shifts for persons guarding the university campuses in the holidays and vacations or working days.

* Participating in organizing events and activities at the university in collaboration with all relevant departments.

Terms of reference for the safety and security management of the university:

* Develop policies and plans of the university in the field of occupational safety, security in all buildings and facilities of the university, particularly in laboratories and workshops at the university.

* Monitor and conduct overview of the safety and security to ensure procedures are being followed to maintain the buildings, facilities and sites and employees are performing their duties.

* Direct and effective supervision of the work of the security guards from the outsourced companies, their performance and evaluation of monthly dues.

* Coordination with the competent security authorities such as: (“Emara”, police, traffic, defense services, civil services, Red Crescent etc.) both with regard to the security and prevention inside the university and in emergency situations.

* Ensure the application of the terms and rules of safety and security to protect the employees through the implementation of safety procedures within the university.

* Follow-up safety and security devices used in all buildings, facilities and work sites at the university and ensure the validity of their efficient functioning, and in conformity with the terms of preventive safety.

* Coordination with the (Ministry of Health) to take the necessary measures for the protection of all students and employees and the procedure to be followed in case of any health related emergencies or accidents.

* Prepare media plans to raise awareness and to educate the public about preventive skills through programs. Conduct security drills and promote awareness through seminars and training workshops at all colleges, departments, centers and residential complexes of the University.

* Preparation of periodic and immediate reports of accidents that may occur at the university.

 Tasks that were completed during the previous period:

1. The completion of the maintenance work under the close watch of the safety personnel in the University facilities.

2. The supervision of the insurance and safety means in some university sites that are leased and finished.

3. The coordination of the work of individuals in the university sites.

4. Issue and activation of entry permits section and linking them to security department.

5. The activation of the traffic department and the allocation of members to the tasks that would link them to the Security Department.

6. The activation of some surveillance devices/ cameras in the Main Administration Building only.

7. Some cars have been equipped to work for security and traffic management throughout the week in the buildings of senior management and “Moosa”.

8. The completion of the internal organization of the buildings of senior management and is still currently under development.