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Manager Message

Praise be to God, prayers and peace be upon the best of creations Prophet Muhammad.

The dream to establish a regional and world renowned University in Jazan has finally been achieved. This development is not a fluke and has not been a stroke of luck or coincidence, but it materialized only after the hard work and concerted efforts of many people. The clear and focused thought processes of the Honorable Governor of this blessed country, the great attention towards development by his Excellency the Director of Jazan University and the Higher Education authorities have been the prime contributors to this cause. It resulted in the up gradation of educational and administrative services and under the wise guidance of His Highness, the Emir of the region; efforts are underway to accomplish highest standards of quality and excellence in development. Another major objective is to implement strategic plans of the University and the comprehensive development in order to achieve the highest honors and success in academic and administrative endeavors.

The Department of Safety and Security of the University was first established after the decision taken by the Rector No. (1/1), dated (01/01/1429 e). It was set up to maintain the university premises’ security and the well being of all its employees and students.

We aim to work on the principle of continuous administrative development as pursued by the other University departments and in response to the aspirations of the Rector. The Department of Safety and Security at the University and all its employees, God willing, work to ensure a safe and peaceful environment and harmonious existence for all the students and employees and the safety of all the campuses and the properties. We shall make every possible effort to protect the University’s interests and God willing will ensure the smooth and hazard free functioning of all departments.  

In conclusion, I express my deep gratitude and thanks to all those who have placed their confidence in our department’s abilities. We hope to carry forward the University’s legacy of dedication and hard work through the qualified and faithful workforce that we boast of having in our ranks. We will make sure that our objective of management and security of the University campuses scattered all over the region, the employees and students, is accomplished in the best possible manner, God Willing.