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Administration Tasks


·         Electronic portal administration takes charge of complete and direct supervision over   Jazan University portal on the internet. And seeks to develop, and manage it in terms of content, design, and services. The most important priorities of portal administration is to project the image of Jazan University  so that it appears with its honorable interface, and reflects the findings of development and prosperity in the technical fields, information, and service.

·         The portal administration at Jazan University has the full and direct responsibility for supervising the portal of Jazan University on the content updation as well as developing the levels of its contents, its design, and the services it gives to users. This administration, also, has the responsibility of exhibiting Jazan University's stupendous achievement to be vividly seen in areas such as technology, information and services.

·         Making an effort to promote the University website till it reaches international standards.

·         Controlling all electronic services pertaining to all university sectors. This is done through a comprehensive portal.

·         A continuation of developing the skills of the website's group members, so that they become eligible for making achievements and becoming creative.

·         Both college website supervisors and deanships' must be trained and qualified so that they could become worthwhile professionals.

·         Technical help must be available and within easy reach for all users of the website.

·         All the substantial needs that help developing the portal administration's vision and mission must be obtained.

·         Encouraging all the website's beneficiary users.

·         The users are welcome to submit their suggestions and ideas to be used for the continuous enhancement of the website.