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Policies of Jazan University's Electronic Gate

Policy of Using the Portal

The university's website is fully controlled by the portal administration, as well as all the information and materials contained therein. This means that using Jazan website must abide by accepting the usage terms, and privacy policies pertaining to the portal.

The portal administration has the right to amend  the policy of "website usage", from time to time or at any time without prior notification, in case of any amendments, the administration may  display notices  through the university's electronic portal, so that the users become aware of it. The users must check the website usage  policy so that they will be  acquainted with these amendments at any time they want to use the website of the sector he belong to, either  a college, deanship , administration or private website of a staff member or any other site that related to the portal usage. And using the website should be in accordance with the terms contained usage policy and its amendments from time to time.

Changes in the Electronic Portal and Freeing Oneself from Responsibility:

The electronic portal has the right to change the information of any of the university sites, at any time without prior notification.

The administration is keen to make sure of the authenticity of all websites information. But it can't ensure its accuracy, and provide no guarantees of any kind relating to the content (including any text, graphs, advertisement or any other item).

Cases of outage and slowness of Internet of Jazan University Portal.

The electronic portal administration is very keen to maintain continuous operation of portal however the Internet web is not always stable, some mistakes, and outage of services or delays may occur. If such outage occurs, no commitment or responsibility in a continuous manner shall be borne by the portal administration regarding web operation inside the university or internet services outside it.   

Links to other sites.

The portal comprises some other electronic links or other addresses on the Internet. When using some particular links in this university website, the user may leave Jazan University website and those sites are not part of the university website and they are not part of it. The university portal administration didn’t check any of the electronic sites linked to the university site and has no any responsibility regarding the materials contained in those websites linked to the university portal or any products or services browed therein.

The portal  Privacy

The electronic portal administration committed to secure privacy of all university websites. The privacy policy applied to all university websites.


Supervisors' appointment  policy and Authorities granted

A- Any university sector has the right to assign a certain coordinator for its website. This coordinator has to get the username and the password for the site, to be the one who is responsible for this sector's electronic website and for all its related issues.

B- The coordinator of the sector is assigned by a letter addressed to (the Manager of electronic portal administration) the letter shall include the coordinator full name, his e-mail address, his profession number, and his contacts.

C-Only the  Coordinator  has the right to restore the password from the electronic portal administration, or from the user's services center,

D-  The user name and the pass word of the electronic sites is the complete responsibility of the sector coordinator, and the password shall not be shared with others, the password must contain letters and numbers not less than 8 characters.

 Training Policy

A- Any sector which has electronic website operating under the portal of Jazan University, can ask for training required to manage their website. This could be done through coordination with the portal administration and electronic services. Contact the number (0173235407).

B- Any staff member or anyone of similar position at the university has the right to get the required training so that one can run his own page within the staff pages.

C- Female staff members, as well as, female website electronic coordinators of female sections also have the right to ask for training on staff and sectors sites.  Through closed circuit television. The request could be done through coordinating with websites coordinators by submitting a letter addressed to the electronic portal administration.

It  is worth mentioning that the administration of the electronic portal has provided a self-training method and acquiring the necessary features  needed for learning through educational section in the portal site at

Reserved Subdomains policy:

A- Any university sector has the right to reserve a domain to refer to the website of certain sector (College, Deanship, Department etc)   by submitting formal application to the portal administration and choosing the brief name to be reserved.

The following points are to considered:

1 – Only the coordinator of the concerned website has the right to ask for the subdomain from the portal administration either to the same website or the sub sites of the main site.

2-   The subdomain is reserved in case it is available or not reserved for any other sector, The portal administration, then, responds to the application after the availability of the required domain.

3-          The subdomain is a quick easy method of remembering a website address, therefore, the name of the domain is preferred to be reasonable in length, and have meaning drawn from the website name. ( Example: an abbreviation for the first letters of a College of Computer Sciences is as follows :

4- When asking for the domain, it is very necessary to refer to the intended website by the link within the electronic portal.

B- In case of asking for  subdomain of a certain electronic website hosted outside the portal contents, there should be   reference to the  IP  address of hosting services  immediately when asking for the subdomain as well as referring to the importance of controlling hosting to accept the address of the  new domain .

Policy of Information Security

The electronic portal administration uses methods of technical and procedural measures to protect your personal information from losing or theft or disclosure by other unauthorized persons this can be done through ciphering or "security programs" and communication security system. The data of username and password can be secured as ciphered data. Hence, the portal administration considers the data as belongings and should be protected from loss or disclosure by unauthorized persons.

Policy of Publication

The electronic portal of Jazan University is a method of electronic publication for all university staff and sectors which shall be used for what generate benefit to the university, its staff and different sectors and shall be used in a way   not distort   the status of the university and its staff and don’t be subjected to legal questioning, therefore the publication policy mentioned in the document shall be followed.

 Publication Rights

All the contents published on the portal's pages must be in consistence  with both electronic publication policy and rights in the university  and this including but not limited to  the following:

- Published researches in the scientific conferences and magazines.

- Electronic Books.

- Any other electronic materials not owned by the owner page and have publication rights.

Unsuitable Content

It includes  the following:

- Foul, aggressive, racial or threatening words, either in a form of text, a picture or an idea.

-Any material known to be against the country or university regulations or else against traditions and customs of the community.

- Anything trespassing others' privacy.

- Abide by language grammar while establishing the electronic page or electronic material and making sure that the language must be correct and devoid of mistakes.

Information Updating

Make sure that the content of pages and the miscellaneous materials is updated in a way that ensures its updating at the time of visiting. Hence, the content could comprise the following: News, contacts information, Phone numbers, E- mails, curriculum specification and other information.

Policy of University Forums

Such dialogue forums serve all sectors wishing to establish arenas for discussions to exchange views. So, any sector can submit a letter to the portal administration to ask for establishing a specialized forum of its own and it shall be dedicated in terms of appearance   to match   the identity of the applicant sector, forums can be visited or the application for forum for it could be through the link :


Conditions for using dialogue  Forums

-Don’t discuss any topic which leads to grudge, hatred or ridicule with religious doctrines or abuse of a particular country, region, ethics or race.

- The Topics shall not contain any abuse to certain personnel by mentioning his name explicitly or implicitly.

- Prevents any topic with obscene images or offend public decency or contrary to public taste or the other, which is rejected by the Saudi society.

- Don’t Abuse persons or topics and being keen to conduct constructive and purposeful criticism which displays the default without insulting.

- Don’t put commercial advertisements or links of services sites without a clear permission from the portal administration.

University Electronic portal  and Policy Changing

The administration of the electronic portal reserve  the right to change its policies at any time without prior notification while referring clearly to that  all the expected changes is going to undergo, so as to be clear  to all those who deal with the administration.


Prepared by:

Electronic Portal Administration

 Jazan University