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Important Notes


                            The coordinators of the sites must take the following into account:

·         Copyright of Jazan University portal: All contents published in the portal pages must comply with copyright and that includes but not limited to the following:

Ø    Research published in scientific journals and conferences

Ø    Books and writings available in electronic formats

Ø    Any electronic materials not owned by the particular person of the page and doesn’t have a copyright.

·         Inappropriate content which includes the following:

Ø    What contains obscene or offensive tone, that is racist or threatening, whether it is a text, image or idea

Ø     What is contrary to the regulations of the State and the university or community norms

Ø    What harms the privacy of others in any way

Ø    Indecent photos or videos that contradict customs and traditions

·         Observing the grammar of the language used:

At the  creation  of a page or the electronic material and ensure that they are free of errors

·         Up to date information:

To ensure that the page and the different materials content are up to date so as to ensure that the information is recent at the time of the visit. This includes the news, contact information, phone numbers, e-mail, courses description and other information, as well as making sure that there are no pages that do not contain any content (under construction).

·         Taking into account the electronic risks: the portal coordinator must take into account some risks that threaten the security of information which include the following:

Ø  Do not link the site to any external links not affiliated to the university except the approved government websites.

Ø  Keep the username and password of   the coordinator hidden so as not to be misused by others.