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Administration Activities

The Duties of Design and Graphic Section

Designing and Controlling the Main Model of the Electronic Gate, as well as, of colleges and Deanships.

Adding amendments and other necessary model updating.

Designing and preparing special models for websites of teaching staff and students' notes.

Preparing exhibitions demonstrating types of necessary "flashes" and "graphics" bearing important news and activities as well as announcements pertaining to colleges and deanships.

Taking the spare copies of the Electronic Gate regularly.

The Gate's Main Controlling Plate Administration.


The Duties of Content Administration Section:

Coordinating and controlling the content of the university's main website, as well as, controlling all administrations and various sections' data using both languages: Arabic and English.

 In charge of all university news and activities.

Giving technical help to all college supervisors and deanships as far as content is concerned.

Identifying the section and making the new services known for all beneficiary users.

Preparing identifying handouts of the new services and methods of using them.

Giving technical help to the staff's website and students' notes.

Solving special problems pertaining to the deanships and colleges' websites. That is in coordination with other sections.

Making all services and special samples within the section ready.

In charge of carrying out the training sessions held for the university's working body so as to benefit from the services given.

 Duties of  Website Applications Section

Establishing and controlling all web services and the special programs serving all university sectors.

Giving technical help to all available services.

Carrying out necessary training for all users of the improved services and web programs.