About Jazan City
Jazan Province & Jizan City:

Jizan also spelled Gizan, is the capital of Jazan Province, situated in the South-Western region of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, a stone's throw away from the border of Yemen. Jizan City, just like Jeddah is situated on the Red Sea coast. It is one of the seven sea ports of the Kingdom. According to the 2010 census, the region's population is above 1.5 million. The coastal plain (called Tihama) forms the principal agricultural zone.

The province is sub-divided into 14 governorates, with the Jazan University campuses at Jizan, Sabya, Abu Arish, Samtah, Addarb, Addair, Al Ardhah and Farasan Island.

Farasan Islands:

The province includes over 100 islands in the Red Sea. The Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia's first protected area, is a large coral island group located some 40 km offshore from Jizan. The archipelago includes two large islands connected by a bridge, Farasan Kabir and As Sagheer.   Its breathtaking and pristine beaches are a sight for sore eyes and is a favorite get away for the people around here. Farasan's coral reefs and marine richness are a diver's paradise. The islands serve as breeding sites for large number of migratory birds and a natural reserve for Arabian gazelles. A free of cost ferry ride runs twice a day from Jizan Port, for which two ships are engaged. One leaves Jizan Port at 7.30AM and the next at 3.30PM. Almost at the same time two ships leave the shore of Farasan to Jizan.

Fifa Mountains:

Another favorite tourist spot around here are the Fifa mountains. Located in the south region of Jazan in Saudi Arabia, they rise above dreamy scenery and exceptional geography. Visitors of Fifa mountains are seized by its beauty, its exceptional heights, its marvelous greenery shrouded with fog, creating a breathtaking landscape, attractive for photographers who come to the region. Characterized by a mosaic environment, these hill tracts hold a relatively rich and diverse flora. These undulating mountains range in elevation from 900 m (Al-Ghardha) to about 2000 m (Al-Abseeya) and extend over several kilometers along a roughly north-south axis. On the southern side, these mountains join the mountains of Yemen and on the north with the mountains of Bani Malik. To the west of these mountains lie the Tihama coastal plains, an arid land with sparse vegetation

Jazan Economic City:

It is being developed at a fast pace in the Jazan Province, with a focus on the energy and manufacturing industries. Arab News reported in January 2011 that when the city is completed, an estimated 500,000 new jobs will be created Jazan Economic City is ideally placed at the mouth of the Red Sea to service markets in Europe, Asia and East Africa as well as to receive raw materials from the surrounding countries.

The proposed city will provide an environment for key industries, technology exchanges, commerce and trade, employment opportunities, education and training, housing and a broad spectrum of socio-economic activities for a projected population of 300,000 people

Government : His Excellency, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz is the current Governor.

Lifestyle & Inhabitants:

The Locals speak Arabic and are Muslim. For the people coming from crowded cities and tired of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city life, this is the ideal place for them. The first thing that strikes you as you touch down at the quaint little airport, is the laid back and relaxed environment. People are warm and friendly, and even if you aren't acquainted with the language, they will go out of their way to lend a helping hand. There is no discrimination or hassle even if women are travelling unaccompanied.

Everything is within a distance of a few kilo metres. You save up on time and the travelling fare.

Housing & Living Expenses:

Housing has become a bit of a problem with the sudden surge in the enrollments whether its the teaching staff or the students. Migration of the people from the border towns to the city has added to the housing problems. With the flats and villas getting ready for occupancy at the new campus, will hopefully remove these worries. The rent is still less compared to the major cities. The average cost of living per week would be around SR 750-800 for a family of two.  

Travel & Connectivity:

The city of Jizan, is 200 km south of the Abha and approximately 700 km southeast of Jeddah.  1248 km from the capital, Riyadh. And 1638 km from the the other major city, Dammam. The King Abdullah International Airport at Jizan, has daily direct flights to and from Riyadh and Jeddah. Saudia and NAS AIR are the two airlines flying to the two cities.

The construction of a new International Airport with hi-tech aviation facilities is under progress. It will be located at a 30 km distance from the Economic City with an annual capacity of 3 million passengers. It will occupy an area of 103 sq. km with a coastline of approximately 12 km.

Saptco Bus Tours, private taxis, 'Rent A Cars” are easily available at cheap rates.


Jazan has an arid tropical climate, that is hot and humid almost throughout the year.  The average annual temperature is around 86.2 °F (30.1°C). Only during November-February, it becomes slightly cooler in the evenings.


There are plenty of Banks to choose from, offering efficient services like- Internet Banking, Online Payments and Transfers, Car and Property Loans etc:

- Samba Bank
- SABB Bank
- Al-Rajhi Bank
- Riyadh Bank
- NCB (Al-Ahli)
- Enjaz Bank (Al-Bilad)
- Arab National Bank (ANB)
- Banque Saudi Fransi

Restaurants & Hotels:

The typical Jizani is an absolute foodie and likes to try new cuisine. There are restaurants at every nook and corner. The different varieties available are:

  • The traditional Saudi cuisine
  • South Asian- Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi
  • Turkish, Lebanese, Chinese
  • Fast food joints- McDonald's, KFC, Hardees, Pizza Hut etc.


Plenty of hotels around the city offering high-class services. Some of them are:

  • Jazan Inn
  • Al-Borg Hotel
  • Al-Safa Hotel Suites
  • Adnan Hotel
  • Al-Hayat
  • Saso Suite
  • Courtyard Jazan- Marriot International

Telecommunication Operators:

The three major telecom companies offering Mobile connectivity and Internet Services are STC (Saudi Telecom Company), Mobily and Zain.


There are 3 schools which follow the Indian syllabus:

Al-Mustaqbal International school

Al Maarifa International

Sabya Riyadh International School

And there is the recently opened Riyadh-Jazan

 International School

 that follows the American syllabus

Apart from the above there are Saudi -Government run Schools

 or Madrasas.

 Recreation & Shopping:

Shopping malls in Jazan offer branded goods, Supermarkets for groceries, amusement centers for kids and Food courts. The malls are:

- Al-Rashid Mall

- Kadi Mall

-Marina Mall

 A recent addition has been the Hyper Panda for groceries, apparel, electronics etc. at discounted prices.

The two Major Festivals:

According to the Islamic Hijri Calendar, Ramadan- the 9th month (in which Muslims all over the world perform obligatory fasting), is followed by “Eid Ul Fitr”.

In the 12th month after the annual pilgrimage to Makkah, that is Hajj, comes Eid Ul Adha.
Both these festivals are celebrated with religious gaiety and fervour across the Kingdom.

Saudi National Day:

The Saudi National Day (Al-Yaoum-al-Watany), celebrated in Saudi Arabia on 23 September. This day represents the nation's identity and is greatly associated with the unification of the country by the first ruler late King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud in the year 1932. The day embodies all the customs and traditions of the country and signifies the true spirit of the Saudi Arabian nation. It is observed as one of the Public holidays in Saudi Arabia by the government and other private institutions of the country.