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About Jazan University

The establishment of Jazan University (JU) was one of the most remarkable academic events in 2006 in Jazan Province. JU rests by the Red Sea on the southwest coast of Saudi Arabia. The emergence of JU was a significant further step to provide the local

communities in Jazan Province with unique educational opportunities with a modern touch, and up-to-date programs using the state-of the- art educational technologies. JU offers a number of highly demanded majors through many academic departments and centers.

Some key information about JU:

· Established in 2006 in Jazan Province, southwestern part of Saudi Arabia.

· Student enrollment about 50,000 students, male and female.

· Degrees offered : Bachelor degrees in most fields and diploma in some fields. The University has        a plan to offer graduate studies in future.

· Campuses : Jazan , Sabya , Abu Arish , Farasan , Ad-darb, Samtah, Al-Daer, and Al-Ardah.

· Academic Calendar : By Semesters

Faculties and Departments:

1.      Faculty of Sharieah and law [ Departments: Sharieah, Law]

2.      Faculty of Science [ Departments: Physics , Mathematics , Chemistry , Biology]

3.      Faculty of Engineering [Departments: Mechanical, Industrial , Electrical , Civil , Chemical, Architecture]

4.      Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology [Departments :Computer science , Information systems , Computer Engineering and Networks]

5.      Faculty of Medicine

6.      Faculty of Dentistry

7.      Faculty of Pharmacy [Departments: Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical,  Pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical Chemistry ]

8.      Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences [Departments: Nursing, Medical lab technology, Physiotherapy, Clinical nourishment, Diagnostic radiology, Medical Records]

9.      Faculty of Business Administration [Departments : Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and E-commerce]

10.   Jazan Community College [Departments: Administrative Sciences, Computer Science, Applied Medical Sciences]

11.   Faculty of Arts and Humanities [ Departments: English, Arabic, Islamic, Social Sciences]

12.   Faculty of  Design and Architecture

13.   Faculty of Health Sciences

14.   Faculty of allied sciences and nursing.

15.   Faculty of health sciences and tropical diseases.

16.   Faculty of Education

17.   Other smaller colleges and departments

Supportive Deanships:

1.      Deanships for Admissions and Registration

2.      Deanship for Students Affairs.

3.      Deanship for Scientific Research.

4.      Deanship for Academic Development

5.      Deanship for Distance and E-Learning.

6.      Deanship for Library Affairs.

7.      Deanship for Foundation Year.

8.      Deanship for Community Service and Continuing Learning.

9.      Deanship for Graduate Studies.

10.  Public Relations an Mass Media.

Institutes and centers ( within JU ):

1.    Center for Research and Environmental Studies.

2.    Centre for Medical Research.

3.    English Language Centre.

4.    Center for Studies and Counseling Services.

5.    Center for Science and Technology.